Bhutan Ride in 20 Images

Hey Guys,

Hope you all are doing well – its been quite a while when I last wrote a blog. And thank you for following my Blog. While the Blog has been silent – a lot of action was happening all over.

After I got back from the London trip May-June 2018, I got busy with all the pending work and a some rides. Ladkah ride, Nepal ride, Hornbill Ride, Sikkim Ride and the most recent Bhutan Ride. This blog is about the ever amazing ride in Bhutan I just concluded.

Bhutan is no ordinary place. Its a beautifully land-locked Himalayan kingdom, which has remained cut off from the outside world, till about 35 years back. And that it is one of the most tenaciously guarded culture and tradition is no secret. The exclusivity of adventure, nature and culture awaits you like no other place in the world.

The traditional Buddhism reigns supreme in daily lives of people, and for Bhutanese – Modernisation does not necessarily mean Westernisation. After all they are not chasing GDP, but happiness through GNH Index – Gross National Happiness and have 70% of their country under forest cover. Now if that’s not amazing – then fathom this –

They are never in a haste, don’t publish newspaper on a Sunday, have a holiday on Rainy Day, make time for customs, family, friends and archery. So while riding in Bhutan – No Hurry, No Worry!

If it helps you – here is the route we did … Started and Finished at Siliguri …


Here are the top 20 Images from our recent ride to Bhutan – It’s SHANGRI-LA …

Viktorianz Bhutan 17
Riding through the Dooars of North Bengal Himalayan Tea Garden Landscapes
Viktorianz Bhutan 26
The awe inspiring Tashichho Dzong, in Thimphu, is the seat of Power. The King and the Head Monk sits here … Very Grand and Royale …
Viktorianz Bhutan 23
Inside Tashichho Dzong, the prayer wheels …
Viktorianz Bhutan 24
An ancient alley inside the Tashichho Dzong – its mostly stone masonry and wood architecture .. There is No concrete anywhere …
Viktorianz Bhutan 19
We mostly rode Royal Enfields and more reliable RE HIMALAYANS 410cc
Viktorianz Bhutan 15
Amazing stay at Wangdi
Viktorianz Bhutan 13
Ride to Dzongs
Viktorianz Bhutan 11
The young and innocent monks are pleasant sight at all Monasteries – Gangtey Gompa this one!
Viktorianz Bhutan 10
Gangtey Gompa – that blessed monastery in Central Bhutan, where the elusive and endangered Black necked cranes come and do a parikrama thrice before landing in Phobjika Valley – for 3 months in winters …
Viktorianz Bhutan 9
The Phobjika Valley, Central Bhutan, home to Black Necked Cranes …
Viktorianz Bhutan 8
The fabled villages in Bhutan – Culture is tenaciously preserved in every aspect of life …
Viktorianz Bhutan 7
Inside of Punakha Dzong, the most beautiful of them all in Bhutan
Viktorianz Bhutan 6
Your ride to Bhutan is incomplete without a trek to the Tigers Nest … An impossibly located and constructed Gompa, that is the most revered religious structure in Bhutan.
Viktorianz Bhutan 5
The prayer water wheels that one sees, on the trek to Tigers Nest ….
Viktorianz Bhutan 4
The Paro Dzong and National Museum on top right. Dzongs as you know are the unique structure in Bhutan which combine the administration, religious and military functions under one roof. Very unique to only Bhutan.
Viktorianz 25
This continues to be one of the most pleasing sights typical of a Bhutanese peace and tranquility.
Viktorian Bhutan 26
Its all stone and wood. And you are just mesmerised by these structures …
The Giant Buddha

Hope you enjoyed these images. Though I must admit that none of these can do full justice to a road trip in Bhutan.

Some Advise for those planning to Go …

I have had a privilege of riding over 20,000 km in Bhutan.  Every time I ride into Phuentsholing and through the mystical fog of Gedu, its an ever exhilarating feeling of rejuvenation. For the guys who are planning to take a road trip to Bhutan – here is a quick update on what has changed in last 1-2 years –

  • The entry to Phuentsholing from Jaigaon has changed. You need to go further ahead from the earlier gate, and take a circuitous route to the town – its now a rear entry to the Phuentsholing from further down the wall. A lot of roads are now one-ways which really make reaching your hotel a very interesting. 🙂
  • You cannot have an E-Permit / E-Visa, if you are using the back up vehicle and mechanic from India. Effectively if you want an E Permit / E Visa, you have to use every service from a Bhutan travel agent.
  • The new highway construction to Thimphu that completely bypasses the thin and risky roads of Tsimasham – and now its just a song of a ride to Thimphu or Paro.
  • Indian riders are unable to ride beyond Phobjika or Gangtey. So basically due to road reconstruction, the central and eastern Bhutan remains elusive to Indian riders. Although I do hear that Bhutan bikes are now allowed to travel east.

In the coming months I have some amazing destinations to go to. Would share the stories of Kyrgyszstan, Eastern Europe and Spiti rides – in coming months.

Please do share the Photo Blog with your friends who have interests in unique places, riding and outdoor life. Also would be grateful if leave a comment …

Until then, take care and be safe.

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