India to UK Road Trip : Wanna follow the Story?

Hi everyone,

This blog I have just started, is BIG, VERY BIG … and probably the most ambitious thing I have ever done in my life. Its a 20,000 km family road trip from Delhi to Scotland … On our Hyundai Creta (purchased for the purpose).

Have a look at this picture and what do you think are these guys doing? 🙂

Road trip India to London
The Service Manager and Stores Manager at Hyundai, Gurgaon – busy with map on my bonnet, that maintaining the machine inside it. Very amused they were …

This afternoon, I took the Creta for a pre Road Trip inspection – and these guys spent most of the evening asking me questions, about the route map on the bonnet. Of course they did declare the vehicle fit for the trip – after some checks.


Myself, Sarita (wife); Teesta (daughter) & Tanay (son) – are all super excited to be on a this 2 month trip.

While we traverse the 20,000 kms journey metre by metre, I promise to send you some very interesting stuff to read. Please Subscribe  to my Blog to get these updates.

We would ride through – 16 Countries, cross 32 borders, change 7 time zones, see 2 continents over 20,000 kms in 55 days. We are 12 of us on 6 bikes and 2 SUVs. This is how the day wise itinerary would look like – please click on this link to view a detailed one :Guwahati to London : Detailed Plan

And the message for the World we wish to carry with us on the expedition is the one inspired by none other than our Prime Minister :

World is one family
This World is One Family – This is our logo specially designed for the epic road trip. Its got the diverse finger prints fused into the shape of a Heart.

So if you like Travelogues … you are up for an exciting journey. Read the write up behind our truck …

Road Trip to London
Follow us on a Road Trip to London

Please don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and do share it. Thanks for following …

Closing for now … would bring in more soon.

36 thoughts on “India to UK Road Trip : Wanna follow the Story?

  1. Following your blog.. India to uk. Salute the thought, I will to execute.. Best wishes for the epic journey.. that will take you through dreams in reality ..kudos to Sarita…pillar of support… Teesta and Tanay…these kids are going to do something with not many on the planet Hv done..
    Happy driving
    Following you.. In thoughts
    …and blogs

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good Josh Sir. Very few people live up their dreams. You are luck and courageous to do this. All the best for this expedition I am sure you will rock. I will follow your trip.


  3. I will be eagerly following your blog about your journey! Very inspiring as always!

    This is Mother of all road trips!

    All the best sir 🤙



  4. All the best Mikey. God bless and have a great time on the road.
    Remember, it’s not the destination but the journey that matters and enriches your life. 👍👌


  5. Wow Tiger, didn’t know you were doing it with family. Salute to your spirit sir. Very few can dream such things and live it through. One can’t imagine the excitement you guys would be going through. Wishing you the very best and God be with you. Will wait for the exciting stories.


  6. Have a good one Mike… You are truly living your dream buddy… More so with your family… Wish you good health & happiness… Cheers & Happy Landings!!!


  7. Gr8 endeavour Mike! You are truly living your dream and therefore blessed. I will be following your trip eagerly. Enjoy to the hilt. Be safe and all the best


  8. This is one heck of an expedition you are undertaking Mikey…hats off to your spirit of adventure. An experience of a lifetime is awaiting Sarita Ma’am your pillar of strength,Teesta & Tanay.You and your team deserve all the luck in the world…my best wishes to you all for a happy, eventful n safe trip.Do keep sharing stories of u’r trip.Take care & God speed…! Rgds -Ulag


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