Respect for Soldiers … Learn from “Vietnam PoW Dinner”

Respect for the Soldiers … Vietnam PoW Dinner

Dear friends,

This post is dedicated to our soldiers and the thought was ignited by a link that came from a mentor – Bipin Bakshi. I could not help but to share it with you all. It touches the heart and leads us to introspect – as to why America continues to be one great nation .. decades on decades. We have a lot to learn on dignity of soldier and their place in society … In American system if there is a soldier in the queue, the rest of us give him the right of way .. and if they go to a busy restaurant .. the soldier gets the table of choice …  America today boasts of the most motivated war machine – which is potent to change the destiny of nations. The “Nixon’s Dinner to Vietnam Prisoners of war”, is one of the finest gestures to express the gratitude of a nation towards its soldiers …

In Indian context, these young men go to the borders or high seas in their teens and are out of military in late 30s. A major part of their lives still ahead of them. They are like fish out of water, a vast majority of them living life in poverty and facing immense hardships …  While some of us were making these businesses and means for out life long livings – they went away from their families and homes and when they came back .. they are already handicapped to pick lives again … For their contribution to the national cause they deserve a better deal.

We all must resolve to hold their hands in any which way to help them meet their ends – after all they gave their youth to serve the nation in which we flourish – to provide us safe homes. Let us help one soldier every year in making their life a bit easier and better …

Click on the link above to view this great video …

By the way – Viktorianz will ride into Vietnam in May 14.


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