Have Passion, Destiny Beckons – Revisiting Steve Jobs

Follow your passion for a life of purpose.
Follow your passion for a life of purpose.

Hey friends,

I am sure the Sunday is going well.

I chuck a North moving career in the Army and a corporate position at McDonald’s to live a life – following my passion – Habits, Adventure, Movies and Books.  In that line, with a few equally passionate friends we found Viktorianz .

This week as I sat down to write my weekly blog, I was looking for a subject that would inspire us to follow our calling in life. What is it that encourages you to take a plunge and follow your passion. After all the ships are not made for docking in harbors.

One name that stands out in changing the way we see the world today is Steve Jobs.    ( The world lost him almost 2 years ago). Among the most inspiring words that were spoken in the recent times on ‘following your passion’ in life is Steve Jobs’ speech at Stanford University. Steve was a college drop out, had a mystical Indian connection, most prolific innovator of our times, stickler for quality, believed in his instincts and a firm believer in Destiny. One hell of a inspiring life. Here is a link to the speech and the text. Lets hear it carefully on what he wants to say and i would suggest you save and see it often. Click here for the speech and the script.

The pearls of wisdom that I take from this simple and effective talk  –

  1. Destiny.               If you are passionate about what you do – the destiny will find you.
  2. There is Risk.     The Dots can only be connected in the retrospect – looking backwards. Most of the decisions that you make or steps that you take today, are based on the knowledge of facts that are visible today. Thus come what may – there is an intuitive decision making that will happen. There will be fears to overcome and it would need courage to follow your passion.
  3. Heart Rules.       You have only one life! And most of it is contained with ‘WORK’. No wonder then that your happiness and fulfillment in life will always flow from the work you do. Finding your passion is more a matter of heart than mind. And your heart will know when you find it.
  4. Live More.          Live everyday as if it is the last day of your life – make every second count. The days of your life are finite and numbered. Death will come. Live more !
  5. ‘Discontent’ is good.      Never be content with status quo. To touch perfection and quality excellence you need to –  Stay hungry, stay foolish.

Go find your passion, and live a life of your own choosing !

This is  a humble effort to share some thoughts and your encouragement thus far has been very heartwarming. I would be grateful if you could give your feedback on what you think of it. And to keep receiving your 10 minutes Sunday reading stuff, it would be great if you would sign up the form. If there is anything that you specifically wish to ask or share with us .. pl feel free to write.

6 thoughts on “Have Passion, Destiny Beckons – Revisiting Steve Jobs

  1. Sir
    Thank you for culling out the wisdom pearls from Job’s speech for us..I am certain that i can now take my time to go through the speech at leisure..


    1. thanks Niranjan Hope you have subscribed so that you get a copy of this – I write one piece a week.

      with best regards,

      Col (R) Manoj KeshwarFounder & Directorwww.viktorianz.com http://www.manojkeshwar.com P +91-124-2386252; 2396252 M +91-9971119102India Plot-252, Sec 28, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon – 122008 Australia Suite C9, 756 Blackburn Road, Clayton, Melbourne 3168 * ** ” *It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves”. Sir Edmund Hillary Take a trek of a lifetime – The Mount Everest Base Camp, Nepal !

      On Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 2:54 PM, manojkeshwar


  2. ‘Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish’ and Mr. Jobs summed up all the wisdom for innovation and fearlessness. Thanks for sharing this piece coach… it will go down in history as a masterpiece and hopefully replace meaningless preachings in 200 years from now.
    Keep them coming and keep inspiring…
    Thanks !


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